Transformation Lab 2

The harbour is not the only place where the new library springs up. In April, the entrance hall of the Main Library was changed into a space that will provide room for exhibits and experiments up until the opening of the new Mediaspace in 2014.

In Transformation Lab 2 we have placed a number of permanent elements that will provide the frame for continuous experiments with service forms, services, furniture and decor. Transformation Lab 2 will become the place where we can tell the story of the Main Library’s process of change towards realisation of the library of the future in the new house on the harbour in 2014. The space provides opportunity for employees, network partners and library users to experience the activities that the new library will contain.

Experiments with decor and activities must ensure that we will not face a situation, where we are only just finding out how to decorate and use the new house when we move in. At the same time, Transformation Lab 2 generates a connection between the current main library and construction on the harbour. Installations, the 3D model, visualisations and a webcam from the construction site presents construction to the users and lets them follow the development continuously. We will also display ‘the architect’s table’ with drawings of the house that will spring up over the next few years.