The Main Library

At the end of 2014 the Main Library will become part of the new Urban Mediaspace at the harbour. Fulfilling the great expectations for the new building requires significant readjustments to the library’s activities.

New partnerships on activities

In 2011 work has been carried out to develop the program profile with a great number of services and events regarding IT learning, author meets, book clubs, theatre, discussions on society, workshops, gaming programmes and so on. A lot of these activities are created in partnership with e.g. organisations in the city, students and educational institutions.

New media bring people together

Turning the library into a public place where local actors and municipal resources jointly can generate new types of encounters between people is an important part of development. One of the new media that can generate both encounters between people and offer individual experiences is the gaming media. In connection with a large project about gaming, a network between developers, innovators, users, programmers, researchers and those interested has been established.

Room for immersion

There is an increasing demand for space for individual studies with room for immersion and workstations where groups can gather to work and develop. In 2012, changes will be made in the lay-out of the house. The changes will provide better opportunities to accommodate these demands.

Preparing the move

In 2011, the entrance hall of the library was transformed into a ‘Transformation Lab’, which is going to provide the setting for the development of new services and content leading up to the move to the harbour.

The Main Library: