Love of Reading

Reading aloud groups for people who have reading difficulties or marginalised groups.

Idea and vision

Our wish is to create an oasis generating a positive experience of literature for people who have reading difficulties in order to increase their love of reading and reading skills. In the longer run we hope to create a positive socioeconomic effect through improved reading skills.


The personal freedom of action in people who have reading difficulties is often restricted and the group is at risk of becoming socially, economically and culturally marginalised.


The reading aloud groups are based on the method of the Reader Organisation called Guided Joint Reading. The reading group is led by a reading group leader who is trained in the method and is in charge of reading aloud.


The reading aloud groups have a positive effect and are very relevant in connection with the library. The groups are more resource demanding than we assumed at first. We have expenses for training of reading group leaders, time for employee preparation and carrying out the reading aloud groups. Partnerships with professionals/institutions and or volunteers are necessary in order to gain footing for and disseminate the reading aloud groups.

The Project

Partners: The Branch Libraries of Aarhus, the Reader Organisation, Tårnby Municipal Libraries, Ikast-Brande Libraries and Odense Central Library. The project ran from 1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012

Love of reading was subsidised by the Danish Agency for Culture.