Citizens' Services

International service

In 2011, Citizens’ Services focused on the development of international services. Citizens’ Services One Stop Shop was disseminated nationwide under the name International Citizens’ Service. At the same time Citizens’ Services developed an international welcome pack including complimentary tickets and a website in English in cooperation with six other municipalities. Also, the employees were given a linguistic competence boost.

Organisational changes

Citizens’ Services also developed in an organisational sense in 2011. Some services were expanded to the libraries in order to come closer to the citizens. We initiated a fusion between the debt collection functions in the Municipality of Aarhus in order for citizens to gain a better overview and service. At the same time, the Family Benefits Department initiated preliminary work on the transition to Udbetaling Danmark (a new authority which, from autumn 2012, is to take over a number of municipal tasks that involve payments, e.g. pension payments).

The Control Unit once again achieved impressive results and generated renewed debate about benefit fraud.

Channel Strategy

The Channel Strategy for Citizens’ Services was strengthened in its focus on digitalisation by means of the daily tasks with focus on self-service, in the Student Start Fairs and via marketing as well as via a special effort which targeted seniors in cooperation with volunteers in the civil society.

2011 was an election year and Citizens’ Services facilitated the task that unifies employees across the Municipality of Aarhus.

The year was rounded off with a new record for wedding ceremonies at Aarhus City Hall on 11/11/11.