Info Screens

In the summer of 2011 the City of Aarhus installed eight digital info screens or city portals. This was an important step towards digital signage in the city space of Aarhus. The screens are in line with the City of Aarhus’ wish to uptimise information flow on the signs throughout the city so communication to citizens is always kept up to date.

People see them

The large info screens are LED screens that measure 2 x 3 metres. They are placed by the eight large approach roads to the city and can be seen day and night. Traffic counts show that approximately 150,000 cars and buses pass the info screens every day.

Events, culture and sports

The info screens tell citizens and guests of the city about events and cultural and sporting events that brighten up Aarhus. The City of Aarhus also uses the info screens for municipal campaigns.


The 2011 figures show an expected deficit. The deficit is caused by the startup expenses and it is expected that the info screens will break even in 2012 and in the long term will save on the municipal advertising account.