Branch Libraries

In 2011, the Branch Libraries have focused on the implementation of the Citizens’ Services and Libraries Policy for 2011-2014.

From place of lending to community centre

The Branch Libraries are now developing from being places of lending books and other materials to being community centres. Citizens are invited in as active partners and contributors and focus is not only on culture and knowledge but also in engaging the citizens as active citizens. The tasks are new and educational for the employees.

Exposed residential areas

The Branch Libraries have, especially in the exposed residential areas, made their mark as active partners and developers of the local community. The development towards becoming community centres has not yet been completed but in Gellerup, Hasle and Tilst the libraries have already had many good experiences which they can build on.

New tasks

The Branch Libraries will have new tasks that are aimed at citizens. The libraries are responsible for a number of citizens’ services tasks. Among others NemID, passport and driving license. Thus, Citizens’ Services have extended to all the Branch Libraries of the City of Aarhus.

The Literature Spot

Working with literature holds a central place in the libraries and the work has reached great new heights with the development of the Literature Spot in Åby Library. Here, the emphasis is on dissemination of the literature that is not found in books but online and many other places.

Love of reading and development

The project Increasing Love of Reading has united ordinary citizens, dyslectics, young mothers and homeless people in reading literature aloud. Finally, the Branch Libraries have been working on developing ideas to support the state objective that 95% of all young people must have an education.

List of branch libraries in the City of Aarhus: