Literature Taking Place

Public reading events are popular and the oral and audio forms of literature are growing. This is yet another challenge for the libraries as a central institution for dissemination of literature, but with the Literature Taking Place project, we are tackling it.

Happening here and now

Literature Taking Place is a project about performance literature. The project concerns the development of dissemination forms in the libraries for the type of literature that takes place outside of the book and which often involves other art forms. What characterises performance literature is that it is staged and experienced in a specific place at a specific time. We aim to give performance literature a natural place in the libraries and to find solutions for dissemination that rethinks the library as a place for inspiration and performance.

Also disseminated online

Part of the events in Aarhus have been recorded on audio or video and is disseminated in the immediate future via our Aarhus Public Libraries website and the Literature Site Besides staging performance literature the project must digitise it in order to disseminate it to those interested in literature and to recycle it in the library space when it is relevant.

Literature Taking Place is a two-year development project and collaboration between Aarhus Public Libraries, Roskilde Libraries and The project is subsidised by the Danish Agency for Culture.

Follow the project at: The website is in Danish only.