Network of Nordic Public Libraries

50 employees from the libraries of Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik, Aureyiri, Stockholm and Aarhus Main Library gathered in Stockholm on 19-21 September for a creative camp at Skytteholmen outside Stockholm.

The task was developing innovative ideas for the future of Nordic public libraries. At the camp, we worked in nine groups all of which developed suggestions for a new idea.


•    The North Stream - Across country cultural speaker's corner – the open window to the North.
•    The luxurious Nordic Library
•    ”Sschh” – the quiet room
•    Active citizenship
•    Respect the monkey! The Nordic model of extreme humanism
•    The Nordic Library Campaign
•    The Nordic Portal of Fear – empowerment of staff
•    An open place in the open space

All ideas took as their starting point the model of public libraires in the knowledge society. Read the summary of the report “Public Libraires in the knowledge society” in English here:

It is a significant goal for the network to develop contacts between employees in the participating libraries, making it easier to continue cooperation also on specific projects. Another goal is developing strategies for the Nordic public libraries in future.

Network of Nordic Public Libraries is subsidised by Nordic Council of Ministers/Nordic Culture Point in the period 2010-2013. Read more and participate in the discussion at: