The purpose of project Digiform is to display, in a new manner, the digital services that the library offers. This means the entire range of digital services that we have to offer citizens, e.g. Netlydbog.dk, E-reolen, Filmstriben and Bibzoom. We develop digital platforms and user interfaces in new ways but also down-to-earth experiences. We present our experiences, content and installations to other libraries and our goal is to design 10 different digital installations profiling the digital resources.

Workshop generates new ideas

In May 2011, a workshop was held, the purpose of which was to find good ideas for installations. Many ideas emerged and choosing the ones that were realisable in the project took great efforts.

We chose to work on e.g. sound, images and games: Palles Gavebod arcade machine, sound installation: Literature taking place, E-reolen spot, I love Filmstriben, The Twitter tree, The library scanner, The listening chair.

During spring 2012, further two installations will be developed.

Cooperation partners: Gladsaxe Municipality and Aarhus Public Libraries. The project is subsidised by the Danish Agency for Culture.

At the project website, you can find information about our installations. The website is in Danish only: www.aakb.dk/digiform