The Literature Spot

Literature becomes an experience

In 2011 at Åby Library, we have created an exciting new space called the Literature Spot in which the old and the new meet. Dissemination of fiction is at the centre here and dissemination in a contemporary fashion is made possible. It is all about dissemination that generates new experiences for users as well as challenges, motivates and involves them.

Every month a new theme exhibit

At the Literature Spot, the audience will encounter large theme exhibits every month. E.g. the Nordic Council Literature Prize, Love of Reading and English fiction. Quality in the exhibitions is ensured by thorough preparation and oblique approaches. We also often collaborate with people from the city’s literature community. The exhibitions link the physical and the digital literature in a natural manner.

Events promote themes

The audience is involved through so-called ‘Opening the book-initiatives’ as well as frequent events. The events promote the themes and this creates a context with guest speakers, authors as well as audience, which contributes to turning them into exciting and vivid events.

At the Literature Spot we have also established an exhibition space for books and other publications from small-press publishers as well as lyd+litteratur (literature festival). These are areas that are expanding these years.

The Danish author Svend Åge Madsen (photo) visited the Literature Spot on 13 October.