The Main Library

Significant themes in 2012

  • The Main Library have worked on developing a wider profile consisting of a range of events in which several activities are included that take as their starting point the library’s media services (Pause for Thought programs, non-fiction programs and fiction programs, film presentations and extensive literature programs with focus on literature in individual countries etc.)
  • In many connections, activities and programs were developed in close collaboration with organisations and individuals (e.g. DR, Aarhus University, FO, general education association, and the genealogical association) that enter into more and more partnerships with the library
  • New partners have established new services taking as their starting point the library’s users and spaces (e.g. Language Café, guide to local history work and working with genealogy and financial guidance for students)
  • Trimming and chipping the media collection and developing low-oriented media logistics that serve as basis for future  user experience improvements – improvements of information systems that are connected with the media collection (Can the media that are shown in the database be found on the shelf?)


Towards Dokk1

The activities mentioned above help create a basis for the development of new activities related to our move to Dokk1. A number of activities have taken place at “Transformation Lab 2” during work to visualise and establish innovation based on reality for the library and citizens’ services. Transformation Lab 2 is the testing space for new service concepts, partnerships and programs that will be developed towards Dokk1 and it is the place where we mentally prepare for the new building – citizens and employees jointly. In connection with the competition to find a new name for the house on the harbour, we received 1250 suggestions. The entire process shows that citizens are very interested in contributing to the creation of the new place and to the story about it.

The new name and development of the graphic symbol for Dokk1 makes is possible to improve our marketing and it is the foundation for the creation of an identity and focus in relation to citizens’ involvement and ownership of the new house where activities relating to the library as well as citizens’ services will take place

Digitised cultural inheritance

The public and internal debate has been influenced by the discussion of digital media and digitsed content. The library collaborates with the City Archives and citizens to ensure relevant parts of the cultural inheritance can be ”re-used” in a modern, digital form. At the same time, approx. 20,000 local history photos have recently been scanned. The Main Library has established a service point that provide opportunities to try out new digitised media and at the same time, it offers professional help to get started with digital media.

New development projects

The Main Library has worked on researching the opportunities for collaboration with young artists to create opportunities for activities that focus on taking action within a wide framework for activities. Development is carried out under the name “Demoteket” (in Danish, this is a contraction of democracy and library). We have also worked on developing citizen-driven inno-vation spaces and this work will in future years result in new partnerships as well as services in the library. The first collaboration has resulted in a month-long effort working with the “hack-lab”, Aarhus Public Lab, which was created by the local community initiative Open Space Aarhus. The Main Library also participates in a crowdfunding project that examines the options for letting public organisations take part in crowdfunding activities