Innovative Projects

BApps - Library-Apps

The project produces an App for all Danish libraries that will make the users able to use the library via their device of choice - mobile or tablet. Joint Open Source development of new functions will benefit all libraries.


The goal of BibOS is to offer the library users a modern, secure and easy to use Open Source operating system on all computers available to the public.

BPI - Library produced content

Via editorial collaboration and an IT-solution, the BPI project will make it easy for the libraries to share content with each other - for the benefit of libraries as well as users.


Digiform develops digital installations that profile the libraries' digital resources.

The catalogue is available here:


Ding2tal is a responsive, distributed, library website solution designed as an Open Source platform - as part of the Danish Digital Library.


The purpose of this EU project is to promote and disseminate knowledge, awareness and support for Europeana, the European database for cultural heritage, among the public, cultural heritage institutions and politicans.

Read about Eawareness on the EU website


eMusik is a cross-library collaboration with a linked data mindset where we guide the user to far out corners of the web dealing with music (blogs, music streaming services, videos, artist webpages etc.)


eReolen offers a broad selection of eBooks and gives all registered library readers the opportunity to lend eBooks. The books can be streamed online or the users can download them to their device.

Fantastic Facts

In Fantastic Facts we have gathered a database of knowledge samples, provided by librarians from all over the country, as inspiration in different ways.


Gaming - When the Library Joins in

The gaming project examined and tested to fields within gaming: game development and gaming community.  In both fields, the library can play a part in a relevant manner but at the same time, the library needs more knowledge about it.


The project is a service for all gymnasiums (upper secondary schools) in Aarhus. It is a new concept that focuses on the development of students’ information skills. The concept is particularly targeted on strengthening students' information skills when working with the major exams.

Indholdskanalen 2.0

Relevant information about the library’s services, events, other cultural events and general citizen information is presented to people, who enter the library space, on large screens using nice graphics and making the HD-image the key factor in the presentation.

The audio book service offers more than 900 audio books online for adults and children.

Out of the Box - Libraries in Collaborative Innovation

The project has collected and processed knowledge about partnership work and collaborative innovation.

Social Platforms

The main purpose of the project is to provide the libraries with the opportunity to establish and adminster virtual communities for their users in an easy way, e.g. a virtual book club.

Transformation Lab 2

Transformation Lab 2 is a laboratory and experimental space that will prepare the Main Library for Dokk1.