Significant themes

2012 was a year for key elements in Dokk1 to be realised and a year that paved the way for a new phase and new developments in the project.

2012 was the year where Mediaspace became Dokk1.  In 1998 - before any decisions regarding a new main library and citizens’ services in Aarhus had been made - the idea for a new library was given the name Mediaspace as a working title. Over the years, the desire for a new name for this future building grew stronger and there was a strong wish that the process leading to the name should reflect the project’s strong values of citizen involvement and ownership. These have been key issues throughout the entire project.  A process was constructed to live up to these desires and a surprising amount of citizens came forward with names, opinions, arguments and visions that in all powerfully expressed the city’s high expectations for this new building.  Citizens voted among the many names and finally, a politically appointed committee chose between the final seven names. In the end, the building was named Dokk1. The name refers to both the location (dock) and to a place where you come to get reloaded with energy and knowledge. The next step is to bring the name to life. A name in itself is nothing – so now the goal is to load it with expectations for services and opportunities.

The process

In 2012, the main project was completed. It meant the culmination of four years of intensive work in developing the construction of the building. It also meant that all the elements and main physical spaces in the building had been determined and completed. It was the conclusion of an enormous effort from citizens, users, staff, architects, engineers and consultants. It was a conclusion that at the same time initiated the next phase of multiple tenders. Apart from being part of the completion of the project, this huge step also means a continuously stronger and more secure project economy.

The fact that construction of the building has now been fixed means that it is time to begin the next phase of the project: interior decoration and service design.

Interior decoration and services

2013 and 2014 will be significant years where we must develop all the interior decorations and focus on services and user journeys – important tasks that must ensure that our users also in the future will benefit from all the visions and opportunities in Dokk1. And a new leaf to be turned in the story about Dokk1, which includes giving people the opportunity to influence the project with their dreams and visions for the future.